MLS transfers: 6 MLS stars with serious interest from Europe – including Manchester City’s new keeper – Football Article

Major League Soccer has long been regarded by many as the ideal location for veteran players coming towards the end of their career. Formed in 1993, the league has attracted the likes of David Beckham, David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Didier Drogba and Sebastian Giovinco, to name a few. However, the recent sale of 18-year-old Alphonso Davies to Bayern Munich from Vancouver Whitecaps for a potential MLS transfer record of $22 million suggests that USA’s flagship league is gaining recognition…

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Spanish Football | Soccer | Sports Blog – Football Article

Found this interesting infographic (below) which highlights how Soccer (Football, in Europe) is growing in the United States. It is already well know that the major European Football Leagues (La Liga, Premier; Serie A …etc) have put their focus onto the US market & are actively promoting & doing marketing to gain a further foothold. Most European Leagues do their pre-season in the United States & play numerous matches. Spanish Football via La Liga is attempting to translate one of…

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