Prince Mohammed’s Khashoggi bullet: An insight into Saudi strategic thinking – Football Article

By James M. Dorsey A podcast version of this story is available on Soundcloud,Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneInand Tumblr Continued, albeit slower-paced US and Turkish leaks potentially provide insight into far more than the circumstances of the October killing of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. They focus attention on crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s strategic thinking as well as his tightened control of the kingdom’s media. In the latest disclosure, The New York Times, quoting anonymous US intelligence…

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Ghoul Difference: Moscow Man Claims He’s Being Haunted (And Regularly Robbed) By Ghost Of Andrey Arshavin, Who Isn’t Dead – Football Article

By Jack Beresford Embed from Getty Images Andrey Arshavin spent a fair amount of his career as little more than listless spectre, but it would appear he has now gone and made the full jump into the spirit world. According to a report in The Moscow Times, police in the Russian capital are investigating a reported sighting of the ghost of Arshavin. To be clear: Arshavin is not dead. Far from it. Aged 37, the former Russian Footballer of the…

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Black swans haunt Eurasia’s Great Game – Football Article

The battle lines in the 21st century’s Great Game aimed at shaping the creation of a new Eurasia-centred world, built on the likely fusion of Europe and Asia into what former Portuguese Europe minister Bruno Macaes calls a “supercontinent,” are all but cast in cement. For now, the Great Game pits China together with Russia, Turkey and Iran against the United States, India, Japan and Australia. The two camps compete for influence, if not dominance, in a swath of land…

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Be careful what you wish for would-be Premier League clubs – Football Article

Over the weekend I had a lively debate with a Wolverhampton Wanderers-supporting friend who was venting his anger that eight out of their first ten games in 2019 would be moved for TV purposes. My argument was that he should have known what he had signed up for at the start of the season. Whilst Wolves are the current ‘fad’ club, fuelled by significant overseas investment from a long line of messiah’s who would make the club “the biggest in…

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Assessing the FIFA World Cup legacy in Russia – Football Article

My own abiding memory of the 2018 World Cup Final was not the atmosphere before, during or after the game; nor was it was not the array of talents and goals, or the extremely large number of Chinese media who had not been for the matches at Luzhniki previously. It was a moment that turned the heart crossways in me. As my co-commentator was following the action, to give me a water break, I spotted a uniform. Then another. I stood up and…

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Players’ Skewed Maps complicate Eurasia’s 21st Century Great Game – Football Article

The United States and China are playing Eurasia’s 21st century Great Game from different but equally skewed maps. While the US map appears to be outdated, the Chinese map portrays a reality that is imagined. If the skewed realities of both China and the United States have one thing in common, it is in strategist Parag Khanna’s mind the fact that neither realizes that the Great Game’s prize, a new world order, has already been determined. “We are living –…

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