Goalkeeping Analytics

Goalkeepers of Superliga Argentina 2018/19: Andrada and Aguerre thrive in new environments – Football Article

As Superliga Argentina returns to competition from its summer break, who were — statistically — the best goalkeepers in terms of actual and expected saves and goals allowed? For this analysis I consider all goalkeepers who appeared in a minimum of 630 minutes in the league, or seven full matches. Goalkeepers in general play a lot more minutes than other field players, but all Superliga 18/19 clubs have at least one goalkeeper who has appeared for a minimum of 630…

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Analyzing the goalkeepers of Copa Libertadores 2018: Brazilian over-30s lead the way – Football Article

The recently concluded 2018 Copa Libertadores saw a pair of Argentine goalkeepers in the media spotlight: River Plate’s Franco Armani and Boca Juniors’ Agustín Rossi. Both ‘keepers made their share of howlers and brilliant saves during the tournament, but they weren’t dominant figures of the competition. The expected goalkeeping statistics provides some support for this observation and points instead to a quartet of Brazilian goalkeepers. I’ve written about expected goalkeeping metrics, such as expected saves and expected goals allowed, in…

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