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Which MLS clubs are benefiting from the draft class of 2017? – Football Article

Last year I wrote about the performance of previous MLS SuperDraft classes, including a way-too-early look at the performance of the 2017 draft class. Now that another year has passed since they entered the league, let’s revisit that class again. I’ve written about the evolution of draft pick value in Major League Soccer before and how I’ve used that history to evaluate the performance of players and the teams that drafted them. The idea of draft pick models is to…

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The 2019 MLS SuperDraft value card – Football Article

Last year I created a draft value card for the 2018 MLS SuperDraft that purported to give a rough estimate of the relative value of each draft slot. With the SuperDraft approaching on Friday, it’s time to update that card, so here it is: Relative values of draft position in the 2019 MLS SuperDraft. With FC Cincinnati entering the league there are now 24 selections in each round for a total of 96 slots. The values are expected career values…

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