Sheffield United vs Birmingham City – DEM BLADES – Football Article

This tale concerns a pink-cheeked, badge-thumping fifty-year-old by the name of Chris. They say that the Sheffield United manager, Chris Wilder, has passion in abundance. But Christopher Mackan, my eldest brother, has passion in Arbourthorne. That is until such a time when his animated fervour is relocated to Bramall Lane…a time such as today. Cue apprehension. You’ll know a fan like Chris. You may even know Chris and for that I can only apologise. He’s one of these Irritating Blades Supporters…

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Sheffield United vs Preston North End – DEM BLADES – Football Article

I lost him in the 72nd when he ran into the concourse for what he said would be a ‘very quick’ wee… … Brothers one day, nephews the next. Football has become a family affair over the week just gone…This time it was Cory’s turn. He’s our Judd’s lad. There’s pictures of me holding him aloft like the FA Cup at Judd’s second wedding where I wasn’t the best man. There were no such pictures at his first wedding, where…

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Sheffield United vs Blackburn – DEM BLADES – Football Article

Couttsian – /’kuːtsɪən’adjective1. relating to or influenced by the nonchalant methods and all-around fucking godliness of Paul Alexander Coutts of this here Blades parish, especially with reference to the Rolls-Royce-like contributions he makes to anything he puts his hand to. Even at two in the afternoon after a long short stretch at work in the morning, I had a feeling in my guts that had nothing to do with IBS. Just one of those feelings. You know? A feeling. That…

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Rating every player by the likelihood of them switching off an Ed Sheeran song – DEM BLADES – Football Article

Chris Wilder Chris Wilder doesn’t listen to music, music listens to him. If ever the tones of Ed Sheeran fills a void with sound, Chris explains to those sound waves, firmly but politely, that they might as well stand under the wheel of the team bus. Alan Knill Right, Alan. Alan would never choose to listen to Ed Sheeran and although he seems to much of a top bloke to turn the track off, he has a dark side. Deep…

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Sheffield United vs Derby County – DEM BLADES – Football Article

Something about this international break wound me up. A scarcity of Blades-related excitement and the presence of international football did, I think, do me a mischief.  I developed a twitch in my left eye giving me the winking squint of a pervy uncle, but my right eye could see clearly – oh yes – very cleary indeed. And what could you see Steve?  …I saw the opportunity to be a good husband. It being mine and Dawn’s anniversary on the…

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Nottingham Forest: Martin O’Neill Inbound As Half-Season Managerial Tombola Affords Another ‘Romantic Option’ Shot At Insta-Promotion – Football Article

Embed from Getty Images Nottingham Forest are on the very cusp of appointing Martin O’Neill as their new manager, with Roy Keane also hired as his erstwhile assistant. Both former Forest players, the pair have been offered 18-month contracts and will replace Aitor Karanka, who was sacked last week with the team lying four points outside the Championship play-off positions with 20 fixtures remaining. As with Stuart Pearce’s ill-starred prodigal return to the banks of the Trent a year or two…

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