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January 2019: Eight Weird And Wonderful Deadline Day Transfers You Might Have Missed – Football Article

Photo: Burnley FC When a 38-year-old Peter Crouch moving to Burnley is your biggest story, you should perhaps begin to realise that ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ doesn’t actually exist to provide 24 hours of rolling entertainment for a television audience. It’s simply the final day of a seasonal window in which football clubs around the world are permitted to sign and register new players – some bloody weird ones, n’all. As far as January 2019 is concerned, here’s a few of…

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Scrap Heap: Fulham Banish Aboubakar Kamara From Club After Striker Arrested For Fighting At Training Ground – Football Article

Embed from Getty Images Fulham have banished Aboubakar Kamara from the club after police had to be called when the striker got himself involved in a physical confrontation at their training ground earlier in the week. Having been made to train with the Under-23 side of late, the man who calls himself AK-47 apparently ventured down to Motspur Park on Monday evening intent on resolving his future with Fulham, only to end up getting arrested. According to the Mail, the…

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