Rot Weiss Essen & FC Saarbrücken 1955 – Beyond The Last Man – Football Article

One-Timers is a regular BTLM feature looking at clubs from around the continent who scaled the heights of European competition qualification once and once only. Today we offer you two for the price of one as the stories of our featured clubs have too many parallels to be treated separately. Both clubs were, nominally at least, German, both had the rare privilege of being part of the very first European Cup field in 1955, both were eliminated in the opening round of…

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Scotland Vintage 1951-69 – Beyond The Last Man – Football Article

The Scottish national team features in our latest Vintage series and today we’re publishing retro images of some of the country’s stars from the 1950s and 60s. Back then Scotland had as many top class players as Edinburgh has Woollen Mills, and yet successive generations of stars would exasperate as much as they would ever excite in the national shirt. For all that talent, the closest thing to tangible success was the spurious claim to have become de facto World…

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